About Nearby Therapists

Mental illness, if untreated, has been seen to seriously impact ones overall quality of life with many individuals and their families affected by it from across the globe. The good news is that most mental illnesses are both treatable and manageable if treatment is sought and actions are taken to manage them making recovery possible and contributing to a higher quality of life. However, the problem often times for consumers in need comes with the confusion and frustration in the process of seeking and obtaining services from qualified mental health and/or addiction professionals. It was for this very reason that NearbyTherapists.com was founded and created by a mental health professional in response to countless stories from clients regarding the complex and confusing process of seeking and obtaining treatment services specific to ones needs and preferences.

The primary mission of NearbyTherapists.com is to make it easier for consumers to find and access mental health and addiction services from professionals they can feel comfortable with. The online directory also serves as an awesome platform where professionals and prospective clients seeking services can easily connect. 

For Mental Health and Addiction Professionals including therapists, psychologists, and counselors, as well as drug rehab and detox facilities, NearbyTherapists.com provides an extremely affordable way ($4.99 per month) of reaching out to and informing prospective clients of their services for a mere fraction of the cost that other online directories charge ($25 plus per month!!).

      "Where there's HELP, there is HOPE!"