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Best Way To Get Rid Of Weed Smell

Best Way To Get Rid Of Weed Smell

Do you smoke or ingest weed, pot, or commonly called “marijuana” for other reasons outside its medical purpose? If you have been using marijuana recreationally and would like to know the best way to get rid of weed smell, here are a few of the suggestions that will surely eliminate this strong odor on your clothes, hair, carpet and other soft surfaces at home.

Focus on good hygiene

Yes, weed smell can stay and linger in your hair and skin, especially if you smoke it. The “skunky” odor can be easily detected by people around you, so make it a habit to focus on good hygiene. After smoking weed, better wash your hands and face thoroughly. Remember the oils of marijuana could get into your skin pores and linger there for hours after last smoke. Use a scented soap when washing your face and hands. Weed smell could also stay in your hair. It would be advisable to wash your hair daily to remove the marijuana smell. If you don’t time to wash it after smoking weed, dry hair shampoo will do the trick and eliminate the strong smell of weed.

Wash clothes properly

Marijuana smell can stay longer on clothes. It is a good idea to wash clothes immediately after smoking weed. Why? Washing properly the clothes you just worn is a best way to get rid of weed smell. If you don’t want to end up washing too many clothes with weed smell, use separately an outfit for smoking marijuana only. Most marijuana treatment rehab centers users often wear jackets when smoking, so that the smell of weed stays on this particular clothing and not on your daily wear. Be sure you wash this jacket regularly to ensure the weed smell doesn’t stay there permanently or form a build-up of marijuana smell. Avoid smoking weed inside the bedroom or anywhere in the house where soft sheets or curtains are present because the weed smell may also linger in these fabrics. If you have no choice and smoke weed inside your bedroom, make sure your wardrobe closet is closed properly to prevent the smell from entering inside.

Use appropriate cleaning products

If you smoke weed regularly and would like to clear your house from this strong smell of marijuana, use the following cleaning products:

- Carpet powder

This is the best way to get rid of weed smell if your house if fully carpeted. Remember, the strong weed smell can linger and accumulate on the carpet. Using a top quality carpet powder will eliminate the bad smell and deodorize the carpeted area.

- Air freshener

Curtains and furniture pieces covered with customized fabrics can also hold the strong weed smell. A good air fresher with neutralizing component is also a best way to get rid of weed smell. Using air freshener is a short-term solution to hide the smell, but you still need to wash the curtains and furniture coverings to ensure non strong smell lingers.

• Clean pipe and ashtrays

Marijuana users who use built-in resin pipes could deliver strong smell of weed. If you are not using the pipe, store it in a case. Don’t forget also to clean this smoking device regularly because this is a best way to get rid of weed smell. If you are also using ashtrays, be sure to empty them after use and wash them properly to remove traces of weed smell.

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