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My Choices, My Freedom: Limitless Me Unleashed From Self Doubt

My Choices, My Freedom: Limitless Me Unleashed From Self Doubt

There is a tendency for cultures to codify life for the purpose of the continuity and stability of a people; to maintain homeostasis. This stasis is not dynamic and yet the history of existence has shown that all evolution, not just from millennium to millennium, but also from generation to generation, depends upon adaptability. Adaptability is the function of living in the present, in a dynamic not static dialog with life. Limitations are self imposed. I am not limited by what I can do, but I am limited by my stubbornness as to what I want to do. If I am unable to be a triathlete that is not a limitation of what I can but a rule out of how I do it. Like the line "Just Do IT!"

My limitations therefore are of my own making, of my own codified truths about me and my life. I may not know what or how to do something different but that does not limit me because if I simply stop what I was doing other choices will become apparent; they will manifest exponentially as I let go of the choices I used to make. Years ago I had a job with "golden handcuffs", I felt I was being soul murdered but told myself there was no escape. My options were limited until one day I gave it all up. At 51 years old, scared but determined, I went back to school. I am on a new journey with limitless choices which are only limited by my revisiting old 'self doubt'.

I am reminded of people who survived holocausts and concentration camps who professed they survived because they kept on reminding themself that they were free. The indomitable self could not die and thus so many survived. It is the difference between saying "they are slaves" as opposed to saying "they are free people who have been abducted and forced into slave labor". 

Language is something to be very curious about. How does language define you, describe you or express you and whose language is it? Be curious about how in our self defining language we may be creating stasis, inhibiting us from grasping hold of our limitless self, our limitless life.

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