BLOG SUBMISSION GUIDELINES is a consumer directory with a primary mission of minimizing any frustration or confusion in the process of seeking and obtaining professional mental health and/or addiction treatment.  As such, blog articles should be written with consumers in mind who would benefit from increased awareness and understanding regarding any and all facets surrounding mental health and addiction issues throughout the process of assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. Aside from educating and raising awareness, blog articles should also strive to foster a sense of hope for those needing direction towards and assurance that Recovery is Possible.  The best way to know the type of submissions accepted is by looking over and reading any of the already existing articles.  

Only original, non-duplicated, blog submissions will be accepted from non-competitive sources and credentialed treatment providers.  All submissions must be from 500 - 1000 words in length and must include a contact phone #, email address, and website URL, if applicable. Only links to private practice websites will be permitted.  Sales-focused ads/articles or press releases will not be accepted nor will any submissions outside topics related to mental health or addiction.  Articles related to any controversial or questionable treatment practices will not be published with reserving the right to determine which articles may fall under this category.

Bylines will be edited and links removed that do not meet standards or are manipulative. reserves the right to edit headlines, body copy and anything else, with submissions becoming the property of  Professional standards will be enforced. To submit blog articles, email in PDF or Word format to with the words Blog Submission in the Subject Line.  Writers will be contacted upon acceptance and publishing.