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Is Your Child Addicted to Electronics?


Written by former Internet Addict, Nathan Driskell, LPC.

Does your child spend most of his or her time on electronics? When you tell them to do homework, do they argue and fight? Are they staying up nights watching videos and playing games? Have you caught them stealing from you to buy games or applications? For many parents, the answer to most of these questions is yes. What then, do you do to help your child balance electronics with life, when electronics are everywhere? You cannot ban electronics from their lives, as electronics are needed for school, work, and social interaction. What you need is a plan on how to bring balance between real life responsibilities and electronics. To help, Nathan Driskell has created a 30 Day Guide on how to help bring hope and healing to your family. For the next 30 days, you will begin learning how to better communicate with your family, while providing realistic limits for electronics. In the next 30 days, you will learn how to monitor electronics usage, lock down computers and gaming consoles and begin to change how you think, about your child and their future. Nathan Driskell is a therapist in the Houston area who specializes in treating Internet Addiction and works mainly with children and adolescents who are addicted to electronics. Nathan is a recovering Internet Addict, who spent six years within an online game. With this book, Nathan has included many of the techniques he uses with his Clients, to help your child better to balance life with electronics. It will take time for your family to heal. The next 30 days will be a beginning point you can use to begin the process of healing and recovery to your family.


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