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Mastering the Trauma Wound


Candice Christiansen is the Founder of the multi-nationally recognized Namasté Center for Healing and The Prevention Project.™ Candice and her expert team provide cutting edge, evidence based treatment for men, women, couples and families with problematic behavior related to porn/sex addiction, risky sexual attractions and behavior, infidelity; as well as a variety of relational/sexual issues. 

Candice is a proud member of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) global Prevention Committee which provides global education on the importance of prevention of sexual abuse. She currently serves on the DOPL Licensing Board. She also serves on the UMHCA Board & SASH conference committee. Candice has authored Mastering The Trauma Wound: A Mindful Approach to Healing Trauma and Creating Healthier Relationships ©2016 and is published in various on-line magazines and newspapers nationwide.

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